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Hello, slumbering community.

I will be your new mod unless life decides otherwise (which, I hope, won't be soon).

You've had a bit more than four months of rest, so let's see what you're all capable of now!

But before I properly start this community back up, I have a few things I'd like to get cleared.
First is in regards to Week 62: Confusion and the people who submitted icons for it. There were 8 icons total. Half of them are broken links now. Given that the remaining icons were not posted anywhere else, would you like to resubmit those 'lost' icons so that I can put up a voting post? Or should I go ahead and close the theme, and then start up a Week 62b?

Second is for bannermakers. How many of the current ones would still be willing/able to resume their work here? Are there perhaps any others who would like to sign up for it?

Next are the missing banners for weeks 36, 49, 52, 56 and 60. Originally the assignments were as follows:

Weeks 36, 52, 56, 60 - chaoticchicken
Week 49 - morilorin

Do tell me if I'm wrong here and the banners have already been posted. For I might have missed them.

I purposefully went though the community day-by-day so as to not miss anything, tagging entries as I went along. (This community now has a proper tag system to make the browsing of old posts easier. The only posts that remain untagged are voting/submission reminders, and I've planned to eventually get around to those as well.)

I even made a list of weeks and checked off all full sets (submission-voting-winners-banners). The above five -- sans Week 62, because it's still up for debate -- are the only incomplete ones.
I won't lie. By the time I was done with it, I was feeling rather murderous: all that chaos... :'D

Thus, my question is this: What hope do I have to see those banners from the people they were originally assigned to? And if the answer is "zero", are there any members willing to take up at least one week each to clear the long-overdue debts to our winners?

That would be all for now. Depending on the response I get, the original Week 62 might get revived (and thus, you would be given extra time to submit more icons) or else a new week will start on Sunday/Monday, depending on your time zone.
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